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Jupyter Server is the backend—the core services, APIs, and REST endpoints—to Jupyter web applications.


Jupyter Server is a replacement for the Tornado Web Server in Jupyter Notebook. Jupyter web applications should move to using Jupyter Server. For help, see the Migrating from Notebook Server page.

Who’s this for?#

The Jupyter Server is a highly technical piece of the Jupyter Stack, so we’ve separated documentation to help specific personas:

  1. Users: people using Jupyter web applications.

  2. Operators: people deploying or serving Jupyter web applications to others.

  3. Developers: people writing Jupyter Server extensions and web applications.

  4. Contributors: people contributing directly to the Jupyter Server library.

If you finds gaps in our documentation, please open an issue (or better, a pull request) on the Jupyter Server Github repo.

Table of Contents#